About Us

Jeff Sharp and Billie Hara Sharp
Hi. It’s nice to meet you. We are glad you have found your way here! We are Billie Hara Sharp and Jeff Sharp, and this is Sharp Photography!  We have varied backgrounds, but we come together to serve you. Billie has always loved photography and wanted to be behind the camera from a young age. She grew up wanting to be a rock-and-roll photographer. She has spent a good chunk of her life traveling the United States and living in Japan. Billie has advanced degrees in English (Rhetoric and Composition) and was once a university professor.  Jeff, on the other hand, came to photography after he met Billie. Jeff, too, has traveled extensively, spending a portion of his youth in Lebanon. He has a degree in psychology.  We are parents, grandparents, and spouses (to each other). We are people of faith.

Here is a bit of our philosophy of life and photography:

We believe:
  • that there is no such thing as too much hope.
  • that good exists in almost every situation.
  • that there is joy in the morning.
  • that art has the power to heal the most broken of hearts.
  • that love conquers all.
  • that there is always (always) something to laugh about.
We specialize in portrait photography, but we also have a segment of this business devoted to commercial photography.
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