Executive Headshots

Headshots — executive and professional — can help your clients relate to you.  A good headshot takes away the generic face of a business and replaces it with YOUR business.
Your headshot portrait should reflect your industry and your personality.  If you have been using a poor photograph as a headshot, this reflects badly on you and your company. Depending on your clothing choices, background colors, or body posture, your headshot could show you as aloof and unapproachable.  (We don’t want that!)   But a professionally done headshot– with a photographer who understands body posture, color choices, and clothing styles for your industry– shows you as approachable, friendly, and professional.  Conversely, your headshot can show you as a creative free-spirit (if you are in a creative industry, for example).
Let us help you create the type of headshot you need to
achieve your goals.
We offer deep discounts for corporate groups greater than 5 members.  With corporate shoots, we also provide group/team images.  We can also provide candid workplace photos for no additional charge. Please contact us for details.  (Corporate references available upon request.)

We offer three headshot packages for individuals:

Package #1   Package #2   Package #3
per person
per person
per person
  • 20-minute session
  • 30-60 minute session
  • 60-90 minute session
  • 1 background choice
  • 2 background choices
  • Multiple locations and backgrounds
  • Blemish removal
  • 1 clothing change
  • 2+ clothing changes
  • 20 online proofs
  • 40+ proofs
  • 60+ proofs
  • Digital delivery
  • Private online gallery
  • Private online gallery
  • 2 high-res digital files
  • Digital delivery
  • Digital Delivery
  • Professional retouching
  • Professional retouching
  • 5 high-res digital files
  • 10 high-res digital files
Downloadable Files
For more detailed information about executive headshots, see our blogging series on how your headshot can tell your story.