About me: I am a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, a Believer, a notary public, a music lover, a dog mom, a foodie, a recovering academic, and a photographer (in no particular order). I have been involved with photography since I was in high school when I aspired to become a rock-and-roll photographer. However, life took me on a different path. I’ve held a wide variety of jobs throughout my adult life, but the longest and most profound was as a university professor and teacher. From there, I started my own business: Sharp Photography. Though my first camera was a Yashica, I have been shooting exclusively with Nikon since the mid-1980s. My areas of photographic expertise include corporate headshots and events, behind-the-scenes photography for feature films, and real estate. I am also open to photographing families, babies, children, pets, sports, small weddings, and anything else that may interest people.

Since high school, though, I’ve used cameras to document my world. The camera is an extension of myself and I use it to document what I see.  This ability to “see” comes with a lifetime of experiences that have shaped HOW I see.  Just about anyone can take a photo, but it takes a photographer with skill in seeing to capture the unusual, the fleeting, or the unique.  I’m a photographer.