Being a behind-the-scenes photographer on a film set allows me unique access to the process of filmmaking.  I watch the actors, the crew, the director, the gaffer, the grip, the script supervisor, the boom operator. I watch and photograph everyone on the set.  I photograph them doing their jobs; I photograph them creating movie magic; I photograph them in unsuspecting moments.  In short, I document the process of making movies by photographing the people, places, and decisions that make a film.  Here are some selected films from the past few years I’ve provided BTS services.  This list is frequently updated.


  1. 2023
    1. “The Red Room,” directed by Michael W. Green (feature) — Coming March 2023
  2.  2022
    1.  “No Better Love,” directed by Arthur Mohammed (feature)
    2.  “Mister Gates,” directed by Desmond Donahue (feature)
    3.  “Vindication,” directed by Jarod O’Flaherty (episodes 304 and 305) (television series)
    4.   “Love Thy Neighbor,” directed by Michael W. Green (feature)
    5.   “Lady Thug,” directed by Michael W. Green (feature)
    6.   “Tonic,” directed by Derek Presley (feature)
  3.  2021
    1.  “Texas Kill City,” directed by Romario Facey (feature)
    2.  “Ensure,” directed by Rosa Nichols (short)
    3.  “Kafi,” directed by Kelsey Williams (short)
    4.  Bid for Love,” directed by Arthur Mohammed (feature)
    5.   “God’s Tired,” directed by Michael W. Green (feature)
    6.   “A Beautiful Voice,” directed by Desmond Donahue (short)
  4.  2020
    1.  “Sheriff Gunn,” directed by Shannon Houk (short)
    2.  “No Escape from War,” directed by Shannon Houk (short)
    3.  “Insurance Man,” directed by Sheril Rodgers (short)
    4.  “Four Stops,” directed by Sheril Rodgers (short)
    5.  “Sapphire,” Rosa Nichols (short)
    6.  “This Old Violin,” directed by Israel Marquez (short)
  5.  2019
    1.  “This is War,” directed by Tyler Case (feature)
    2.  “Silent Partner,” directed by Issa Currie (short)
    3.  “Out,” directed by Mike Scarlett (short)
    4.  “Old Broads:  In the Game,” directed by Nellie Sciotto (short)
    5.  “The Blunt Truth,” directed by Becky Gaskill (web series)
    6.   “Mom,” directed by Austin Foxx (feature)
  6.  2018
    1.  “Old Broads: Movin’ On Up,” directed by Terry Kiser (short)
    2.  “Witches of the Watch,” directed by Roger Sampson (short)